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Steve is now nearing the magical time when he is getting close to being eligible for signing up for Medicare and the plans that go with it.  Having Medicare can be very cost-effective if it is set up properly.  This is where Steve can add his knowledge and experience to help you navigate the confusion and make wise decisions.  Following is more about Steve and why he is well equipped to help you with your individual needs and customize the best plan for you.

Steve is a native from Texas, who now lives in Dallas.  Steve is a licensed Life and Health Insurance Agent by the Texas Department of Insurance and has obtained his AHIP certification so he can sell Medicare Advantage plans.  Steve is licensed to sell insurance throughout the state of Texas but tries to focus on the Dallas metro.

Steve received his basic undergraduate Degree and MBA through Texas universities.  He has no extreme favoritism to anyone university and is known to want all Texas football teams to win.  After college, Steve spent 15 plus years in the Medical/Healthcare field.  There he learned an extreme amount of knowledge, which is very useful in the Senior Healthcare Advisor role.  After working for many large companies, Steve has made a choice to work independently and operates his own companies.  Steve loves the experience and knowledge he gained through the big companies but really enjoys controlling his own destiny.

Steve got interested in working with seniors when he led bible studies at senior living facilities.  Since many were not able to drive, Steve and his wife, Carolyn, brought the church to them.  Steve’s parents also hit the age when they needed help with items like Medicare or healthcare.  Steve quickly learned Medicare and all the plans that go with it are very confusing.  He learned how easy it is to think one plan is the best only to find out the hard way it’s not.  What makes it worse is not being able to switch plans after the initial or open enrollment.  After these initial events, it may not be possible to get on the best plan due to illnesses.  This is why it is so beneficial to speak with an expert to make sure you make the best decision when you first become eligible for Medicare.

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