Cancer Insurance and Critical Illness Insurance

Supplemental cancer insurance and supplemental critical illness insurance provide benefits in addition to any existing major medical coverage you may have. A critical illness can be anything from a heart attack to an organ transplant or a loss of sight or hearing.

Planning now makes good financial sense!

The last thing you want to be loved ones to say when planning your final arrangements is, “I can’t afford this.” Grieving takes an emotional toll, and it can be even more difficult when there’s a financial burden. It’s never easy to think about what life would be like for your family after you’re gone. But planning now can help your loved ones focus on the life you lived, and less on your final expenses.


The most common reasons people do not buy (or do not buy more) life insurance are:

1) It is too expensive (63 percent),

2) Other financial priorities (61 percent), or

3) They already have enough coverage (52 percent).


Owning Life Insurance

“The top reason for owning life insurance in 2018 is to cover burial and other final expenses (90%)“
Half of all consumers want a primary financial advisor; 37 percent have one, 14 percent are looking for one.
Almost 3 in 10 (29 percent) of all consumers say they would research and buy lifeinsurance online, up 7 percentage points
from 2016.
About 20% of U.S. households say they
would feel the financial adversity from the
loss of their primary wage earner in just one

Did you know?

The average cost of a funeral is over $8,500**. This doesn’t include additional costs, such as cemetery
plot, monument, marker, or miscellaneous cash advance charges such as flowers or an obituary.
If you’re thinking, “What about my Social Security death benefit?” Social Security pays a lump-sum
the death benefit of just $255 to your surviving spouse or children, and that’s only if they meet
certain requirements***.

You may be able to reduce the burden upon your family by helping them cover these costs:
• Funeral Home
• Casket
• Cremation and Urn
• Cemetery Plot
• Marker/Headstone and Vault
• Hardship Travel for Loved Ones
Here’s the best part!
• Final expense insurance provides permanent lifetime coverage
• Accumulates cash and loan value
• Terminal Illness Accelerated Benefit Rider (ABR1) is included at no additional cost (where the state
approved)*. Upon proof of terminal illness (the insured has been diagnosed to have a non-correctable medical condition that with reasonable medical certainty, will result in the death of the insured within 12 months from the date on which this benefit is requested), the rider pays 50% of current benefits available prior
to death (where state-approved), subject to provisions of this rider.
• No medical exam or attending physician statement required to apply
• Simplified application with personal health questions – a family medical history not an issue

More things you should know:

• Issue ages 50-80 for standard rates**
• A spouse can apply as a secondary applicant
• Premiums guaranteed level for life
• Face amounts level for life – never reduces
• Graded Death Benefit may be offered for certain health conditions that may be considered

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